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Gym Equipment


I started taking Madison’s group fitness classes back in 2016 or 2017 and went from never working out to loving to work out and got in the best shape of my life! Since then I have taken classes from several others and none compare to the energy and layout of Madison’s classes. I loved how she incorporated so many different exercises into each workout. It was always challenging and different! She is so passionate about health and fitness and so motivating and positive! Her attitude makes a huge difference and makes you want to push harder to keep up with her. I was so sad to lose her when she moved to Florida and still say all the time that I miss her and her workouts! They will forever be my favorite!


I recently started to workout in July due to personal reasons and wanting to really feel better about myself! I hadn’t been to the gym to lift weight in probably about 4 years and starting out was hard because I wanted to ensure my form was correct so that I wouldn’t hurt myself! I remember seeing Madison post about her battles with bloating and her fitness journey so I reached out to ask if she’d take time to give me a personal training class basically and she was SO sweet about wanting to help me so that I had the tools to create a healthy life style. Everytime we met up for a workout she was great about coming up with creative and fun workouts that’s pushed me but also very patient about when I needed help. There were so many times we took about an hour to just go over the technique of the exercise which was so helpful! Madison is so well educated on the technical aspect of lifting and the nutritional side of it as well! I’m so thankful for all the help and knowledge that she has given me and all the willingness she has to help other and encourage a healthy lifestyle is admirable and inspiring!


Madison was my Body Pump instructor at PARA and she is such a fantastic instructor. She always has so much energy and motivation that she "carries" you through these insaine workouts that you never believed you could do. She also taught abs and a lower body class that left you shaking but you knew that you had just worked everything. Going to Madison's classes you always knew that you were going to have fun and get in a great workout, which makes you want to workout with her even more. I was so sad when she left Tuscaloosa to move to my home State of Florida. I am so proud of Madison and her husband for everything that they have accomplished and if you get the chance to workout with her you will truly be blessed body, mind, and spirit.

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