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Spring Whole Chicken cooked n a slow cooker

What you eat in private shows in public! Remember, work outs are only a portion of living a healthy and fit life. You can work out hard everyday, but you'll never see results if you don't eat according to the goals you have. I despise the word diet. Throw that word out! I don't follow a diet plan I follow a healthy lifestyle which is complete with healthy/clean food choices. There’s no need to count calories, take out carbs, remove natural sugars, deprive the mess out of your body, or skip meals to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fuel your body with nutritious food. It’s just that, FUEL. It’s what’s keeps your body moving and performing at the top of its game. Fuel your body for the hard work it's doing. Food is not a treat reward. You are not a dog. Practice portion control. Eat smaller meals. Eat more vegetables. EAT CARBS; Complex, good quality, healthy, clean carbs.

If you’re someone who eats “just whatever” and works out every single day. I’d bet you probably have a hard time seeing results. The work that goes into the gym is important, absolutely! However, the work put it in within the kitchen is even more crucial.

Ask yourself these questions:

•How often do I eat out?

•How often do I purchase fresh produce?

•When was the last time I drank more water than soft drinks during the day?

Terrible nutrition and huge portions is only providing you a backwards route of travel.

The more muscle you have the more fat you burn! I’m told all the time, "I workout almost everyday, but I'm not seeing results." Then I ask, “what does your diet look like?”. It’s almost always full junk food. You want results? Stop eating fast food, stop drinking soft drinks and high sugar juices and energy drinks. Take the C. R. A. P out(Carbonated drinks, Refined Sugars, Artificial ingredients, and Processed foods)

Drink water, eat your veggies, cook fresh meats, and eat at home more often!

Your hard work will all pay off, but you must put in the work outside of the gym first. Your body is a complex machine. Control what you're putting in your mouth and the results will slowly come.

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Click the photo below to watch the recipe demo plus a free recipe!


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