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Jalapeno Salsa Vegetable Soup

In my current pregancny I havn't had any specific cravings, but this one hit me while in the grocery store recently and I havn't been able to forget about it. MUST. HAVE. VEGGIE. SOUP.

Who doesn't love a good hot meal on a weeknight?


I dont typically go by a recipe when I make a vegetable soup, because I tend to make it differently every time. I like to mix and match veggies in the soup according to what is fresh and in season as well as whatever my taste buds might be craving at the moment.

This one is so incredibly delicious and quite possibly the best one I've ever made! So many wonderful flavors and has just the right about of spice to provide flavor yet not much heat.

Try it out with your family and let me know how you like it!



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